[1/14] Welcome to 2010!

14 January, 2010 by 801-chan

Happy New Year to all of our fans, our critics, and everyone popping by! We’re officially back at our desks and ready to bring in a whole new slate of books and news and fun stuff for 2010!


Starting in January, we have the release of Hideyuki Kikuchi’s (creator of Vampire Hunter D) latest novel to come stateside, Yashakiden: The Demon Princess Vol. 1! It’s a dark, brooding tale of ancient vampires from the heart of China descending upon the city of Shinjuku to seize control of it and usher in a new age of vampire control. Standing in their way are two mystical men of Shinjuku, Dr. Mephisto-the demon physician-impossibly beautiful, cold and as heartless as ice, and the PI Setsura Aki, who isn’t quite human, but is something else entirely, controlling demon threads with his mind that slice through his opponents. It’s a four volume series that doesn’t let up from the very first page!

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And check out an interview with Hideyuki Kikuchi in the Jan/Feb issue of Rue Morgue Magazine on store shelves now!

For DMP-we’ll also have more volumes of Itazura Na Kiss, Vampire Hunter D, Taimashin: The Red Spider Exorcist, and some new beautiful titles, Tale Of A White Night and Crimson Cross! Itazura Na Kiss continues to be a critical fave, topping many reviewers lists-and we’re sure the shojo fans will adore it! We also have some more goodies planned for DMP-so watch our blog and release schedule!

June’ has some exciting releases and acquisitions this year. We’re excited to bring into print Hinako Takanaga’s long-awaited The Tyrant Falls In Love, as well as the deluxe print editions of Kazuma Kodaka’s fan-favorite Kizuna, along with the never printed in English- the elusive volume 11. We will have the heavily fan-requested title Maiden Rose along with the first Kou Yoneda June’ title- No Touching At All. We have new titles from fan favorites Makoto Tateno, Toko Kawai, Shinri Fuwa, Naduki Kojima, Kazuhiko Mishima, and Yaya Sakuragi, among many others. We also have the omnibus re-releases of heavily requested titles Yellow and Little Butterfly. And the year is only getting started for June’-there may be more stuff that hasn’t been shared yet! 2010 promises to be a year of super releases on the June’ line, with a ton of amazing titles for all June’ fans!


2009 was a great inaugural year for DokiDoki-the Shinshokan/DMP co-label that spans shojo, drama, comedy, shonen-ai, and yaoi all in one imprint! Train Train by Eiki Eiki was nominated for a YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) Great Graphic Novel for Teens award, and almost all DokiDoki titles were well-received by critics and fans. In 2010-we have the long-awaited return of Youka Nitta (Prime Minister’s Secret Diplomacy) with her beautifully drawn mystery thriller: Otodama: Voice From The Dead. DokiDoki will also see the re-emergence of the beautiful art of Chigusa Kawai (La Esperanca) on the shojo comedy Alice The 101st and as the illustrator of the BL novel I Want To Bite. The imprint will continue to span all genres with the supernatural shojo title Wolf God, the comedy of Eiki Eiki in the continuing Millennium Prime Minister series, and the horror yaoi vampire manga by Makoto Tateno, A Bloody Kiss Tonight. We hope DokiDoki continues to surprise and delight both fans and critics, and we feel the titles for 2010 will really do both!


801 Media starts off with continuing series in 2010, but one series promises to rock the boat this 2010-Mika Sadahiro’s Under Grand Hotel. Controversial, explicit, and yet one of the most heavily-requested titles we’ve ever had, 801 Media is pleased to give the book the devoted fans have asked for the print treatment, and preserving it in it’s deluxe printed issue size. Along with UGH, continuing in 2010 are the supernatural yaoi series Ze, and the school romance comedy, Hey, Class President!. The 801 Media release schedule isn’t done yet, so expect more fun stuff later on in the year!


And eManga! 2009 saw DMP’s online rental service bring on the OEL yaoi works of publishier Yaoi Press, and the lovely OEL manga Games With Me by Tina Anderson and Lynsley Brito. In another unprescedented move, DMP partnered with Softbank Creative to bring Harlequin manga onto the eManga reader! For 2010-there are some big plans for eManga-including some straight to eManga titles, and more new content! And you may be surprised at what we bring-and license just for eManga!

2010 is just beginning-but we have some big plans-and we hope you, the fans, the readers, the critics, the reviewers, will enjoy watching as we work to put out some great stuff for you. And we’ll try attending a convention and show here and there!

As always-feel free to contact us-we’re on twitter (@digitalmanga), we’re on our forums, we’re at contactATemanga.com! Here’s to a great 2010!

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