Bond(z) Review up at Boys Next Door!!!

Well, it has actually been up there for a while, like 3 weeks, but better late than never! *lol* Anyway, Cyn over at Boys Next Door had nothing but good things to say about Bond(z)!

“Here there be smut, and not just any kind of smut, there there be hot-sneaking-around-on-our-girlfriends-because-the-sex-is-just-too-damn-hot kind of smut. Here there be boys-experimenting-and-piercing-tender-bits kind of smut.”

So if that doesn’t convince you to buy it, I think you are a lost cause. Hop on over here to view the full review. Also, Bond(z) is on sale at the 801 Media Inc. store as a White Day present to fans and everything is 10% off!

801-chan (^ ^)

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