Why not fall back 4 hours!?

Awh, I look forward to this ONE day of the year - turn your clocks to fall back 1 hour!  Adjusting clocks and watches around the house is a bit of a pain… but oh boy… getting that 1 hour of extra sleep definitely helps!  I love it!  If I was a governor of the state, I’d make it a fall baaaaaaaaaaaaack 4 hours event!  I’d celebrate and honor this event by sleeping! LOL

Before I get my day started, just wanted to give a big blog-hug to everyone who came to Yaoicon and gave us lots of love!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!  And we’ll do it again next year!  Hey, if anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this Yaoicon - let us know at twitter.com/digitalmanga  We want to hear from you!

Now we have to unpack and put everything back into the office… um, I think I’ll just watch and supervise that portion.  (^_^)

I want to give a quick shoutout to Melinda - hey girl, congrats on your makeover at mangabookshelf.com and thanks for the reviews!  And keep them coming!  I’m especially loving the review on eManga.com site. (http://mangabookshelf.com/2009/08/18/shopping-emanga/)  You made some good points there!

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