Say hello to my new friend!

If you guys have been twitter’ing with us - you’d know this.  We were looking for a new reviewer for a 801 Media books and we just found ONE!  Can we give a round of applause to Melinda Beasi~~~!  of *Applause Applause*  Spotlight on stage please!  This is exciting!  Melinda, welcome! and thanks for joining our review list!  I’m looking forward to your awesome reviews! :D   Spread the joy and spread the love of 801!

My goal this weekend is to make it through without these following words:  Michael Jackson, Anime Expo and cablebox.  I think I blogged in here a several days back - that my cable box in the livingroom broke - and it’s still broken.  So my TV time is much less these days… (I have a small TV in my bedroom tho) and I’m kind of liking it cuz it’s making me do other productive things. 

My reading material for the weekend is: Otodama オトダマ 音霊 by Youka Nitta.  I hear she’s back from her sabbatical and coming back to work full time!  The cover looks pretty cool - if I had to guess, this story is dark, intense and semi-action-packed story…?  I could be wrong… I’m purely judging the book by the cover - oh and it’s got this partial gold sleeve over the dust jacket!  A little Bling-age!  I’ll tell you all about it on Monday! 

Have a good weekend!
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  1. airisu Says:

    Did you like Otodama? ;) Nitta-sensei’s art is always gorgeous and this story was not an exception. May I ask where did you hear about her coming back working full time? I would be overjoyed if this was true. I only heard that she’s finishing Haru wo Daite Ita and with the final chapter volume 14 will be complete.

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