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First of all, I want to thank all of you for your emails!  Recently, 801-chan’s email Inbox is flooded with questions!  Tons of questions!  I truely appreciate your support and inquiries!  Today, I thought I’d pick some interesting ones and feature them here.  So here you go:  
FAQ of The Day:  Do you plan to put more 801 Media titles on eManga.com? 
A: Thank you so much for supporting eManga.com and making it a success!  We’ve had overwhelming responses and I wanted to let everyone know that His Arrogance was Number ONE rented AND viewed title for 2 weekends in a row!  And answer to this question is “YES!  - YES-YES-YES!”  Of course, there’s going to be more 801 Media titles on eManga.com.  Next one in queue is Falling into Love.  And there’s more to come!

FAQ of The Week:  Is 801-chan billingual?  
A:  Yep!  This 801-chan is billingual!  Jealous much?  I get to read all those manga in advance - courtesy of 801 Media - specially shipped from Japan, just for me!  HeeHee.  In real life, this 801-chan, born and raised in Southern California and growing up, my parents made sure that I’d be fluent in Japanese.  In addition to Japanese, I know how to say “Hello,” “beer,” and “money” in dozen other languages and I also know plenty of bad words in Spanish!  Did you know, the word “manga” is universal.  “Manga” is “manga” worldwide! 

FAQ of the All-Time:  Can you please publish Yamane Ayano’s Love Finder Series? 
A:  No surprises here - This is the most, number ONE, frequently asked questions of All-Time.  I will have you know - our VP of Licensing is bombarded with this inquiry and it’s on her “to-do” list every week!  She is actively pursuing this title ALL THE TIME!  Yup, I’ve read it in Japanese!  Yup, I’ve seen them on ebay for over $200 - whoa! Cha-ching!  and YUP!  I’d love to see it in our 801 Media library too!  And yup I know what you mean… Sorry guys - for now, all I can say is we are trying very very hard…  and I hope, soon, one day, I can deliver the good news!  You’ll be the first ones to know! 


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  1. 2old4yaoi Says:

    I would be interested to know what it takes for a VP licensing to persuade Libre & the author to give the licensing to a company. It is unbelieveable that any collector would pay so much for the OOP Finder series manga. I hope 801M played up your ability to quickly publish the manga in English once license has been granted. I am sure everyone knows that such popular title is in danger of being pirated by some enterprising rouge publishers in 3rd world country such as Vietnam, India, China etc … That would make the initial $200/vol they sunk in Ebay for the original copy to reprint from seems worthwhile. We all have seen these happens to those super expensive US issued text books, travel guide books, Ayano Yamane’s art book etc. The best way to get rid of the current “black market situation” is to publish the manga quickly for the English language market to meet the demand.

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