Ahhh, it’s June already…

Let’s see how much you know about month of JUNE.  Take the Trivia of useless knowledge!

Q. What god is June named after? 
  a. The Queen of the Gods
  b. The God of War
  c. The God of Earth

Q. Which of the following is not in June?
  a. Fathers Day
  b. Grandparents Day
  c. Gay Pride Day

Q. Which is the birth flower of june?   
  a. Rose
  b. Lilly
  c. Orchid
Q. Which is the birthstone for June ?
  a. Pearl
  b. Diamond
  c. Emerald
Q.  June is…
  a. US National Dairy Month
  b. US National Cat Month
  c. US National Popcorn Month
Q.  What happens special event happens in June?
  a. The longest day of the year
  b. The shortest day of the year
  c. The spring equinox 

Q. How many days are there in June?
  a. 28
  b. 30
  c. 31
Q. Which zodiac sign does not fall in June?
  a. Taurus 
  b. Cancer
  c. Gemini
Q. June is considered the best month to do what?
  a. Get Married  
  b. Get Divorced
  c. Have a baby

Good luck!

2 Responses to “Ahhh, it’s June already…”

  1. niastyle Says:

    I did pretty good on this test. My birthday is in June, so I know alot of useless June facts. And there are actually 2 stones for June. The pearl and alexandrite.

    My two cents.

  2. crayon Says:

    My birthday is in June too… and I did horrible on this trivia… how sad… :( LOL

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