[Review] The King of Debt

Briana over at Anime on DVD got a chance to look at The King of Debt.

“Sometimes, its nice to grab something where every chapter is guaranteed to begin and/or end with two guys in bed, or against the wall, or in the backseat of a car. This collection of stories satisfies that need: the sex is hot, the men are gorgeous, and every chapter does indeed end with two guys panting and screaming.” - Briana

I think that about sums it up pretty well! (>_<) You can read the full review here, but if you are looking for a sexy read that isn’t too heavy on the intellect, The King of Debt is perfect. Fun, sassy and sexy, this one is definitely a keeper!

The King of Debt is available now at your favorite retailer. So pick up your copy soon!

~801-chan ^ ^

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