2 Love Circumstances Reviews!

We got a 2 for 1 today with 2 reviews of Love Circumstances!

Julie over from Manga Cast/ Manga Mania hints that maybe being an editor at 801 Media Inc. wouldn’t be too bad:

“Aco Oumi’s art is very appealing, featuring those leanly muscled men that I love so dearly. Her character illustrations are elegant, with all of the details lavished on them, and very few spared for the background details. The sex scenes are scattered generously throughout the book, leaving little to the imagination. I have to admit that many of the sound effects made me laugh - splrt, gulp, slurp. Man, I bet it was fun working on this title!” - Julie

Yes, we hear a lot of noises coming from Kampai’s cubicle. Most of the time it is laughter, but I have heard the clank of glass beer bottles being opened upon occasion! You can read the rest of Julie’s comments here.

Cynthia from Boys Next Door admits Love Circumstances isn’t her cup of tea, but she can see the fangirl appeal:

“It really is cute and the art is better than in most releases that I see, but there was nothing special to make it stick out in my mind. Maybe it’s me; maybe I should lay off the schoolboy romances and teenage angst for a while. Pick it up if you want some mindless, fluffy smut that will make you grin without having to think too hard.” - Cynthia

Yeah, if schoolboy romances and teenage angst aren’t your cup of tea, check out Shiuko Kano’s Steppin’ Stone series instead. *teehee* You can read the rest of Cynthia’s review here.

Love Circumstances is currently available at fine retailers every where. Of course you can pick up a copy at the 801 Media Inc. store and get free shipping while you are at it (domestic addresses only).

~801-chan (^ ^)

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  1. meichells Says:

    mindless, fluffy smut…..well, honestly, that sounds pretty good to ME! LOL actually, any smut is good smut, IMO! so, 801, bring on the smut! and keep up the AWESOME work! LMAO

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