Employee Spotlight: All I want for Chirstmas is…BoyzRule

Next vict-err…volunteer in the 801 Media Inc. Christmas survey is BoyzRule!

[801-chan] So BoyzRule, I know this is really supposed to be about what you want for Christmas, but… what are you getting Render?

[BoyzRule] Well, I’m not quite sure yet what I’m getting him, but the only thing he’s asked for was Bend in a ribbon. Whether or not I’ll be able to get Bend to agree is the problem.

[801-chan] Oooo…kinky! *nose bleed* Do you and Render have anything special planned for the holidays? And can you hand me a tissue?

[BoyzRule] No, but Bend and I have planned on spending the holiday season drinking VodNog and playing DDR on Wii.

[801-chan] Does Bend get a present and is Render at all jealous?

[Boyzrule] Oh, Bend will DEFINITELY be getting a present, and if Render’s not jealous - he should be!

[801-chan] So…I have a feeling I don’t really even need to ask this one, but…have you been naughty or nice this year?

[BoyzRule] Usually I can get away with saying I’ve been nice, but this year I won’t even try that - naughty for sure…anyone that saw Bend (my housemate and carpool buddy) at Yaoi Con this year understands I’m sure!

[801-chan] If we asked Render if you had been naughty or nice this year, what would he say?

[BoyzRule] I’m sure he would say nice, but that’s just by comparison to him!

[801-chan] I guess back to the whole point of this interview, what is on your wish list?

[BoyzRule] A little more sleep and the return of pizza and cake days at work!

[801-chan] Ah, cake and pizza days were nice. But we are kind of on a budget this year. Kampai went a little crazy with the alcohol and beer for the holiday party… Do you have any quirky holiday traditions that you would like to share?

[BoyzRule] Just listening to Christmas songs over and over again in my car pretty much the whole month of December. I hope Bend likes Carol of the Bells by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, either way carpooling then will be very interesting.

[801-chan] *teehee* Sorry, I had a bad moment. I thought you said Carol of the Balls. Wow, my mind is obviously in the gutter these days. Anyway, thanks for participating in our survey.

Up next is Bend!!

2 Responses to “Employee Spotlight: All I want for Chirstmas is…BoyzRule”

  1. niastyle Says:

    So funny. I have the same Christmas tradition. I burned a x-mas with all my favorite songs on it, and Carol of the Bells in on it about 5 times. They are all different renditions of the song by different artists. BoyzRule should check out opera of the bells by Destiny’s Child. It’s so pretty. ;)

  2. aoi_aka Says:

    Now I have a reason to thank the Maker for today: I don’t carpool with BR. Hallellujah!

    I can’t decide who’s sluttier, BR or render. It’s a bit of a toss-up. Ben is just an innocent bystander in a frilly pink dress waiting to be “bend” over a desk. Just make sure somebody records it. ^_^

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